Thursday, March 31, 2011


I finished the final season of The West Wing.

I am obsessed with that show.

It's intelligent, funny, hot, fast, and interesting. Aaron Sorkin is on his A game with this show.

How will I be able to convince Rob Lowe to fall in love with me?

How will I convince the Obama administration to let me work in the West Wing?

How will I end up living in DC when my school, job connections, and family are in Utah?

These questions are making my dream of the powerhouse-woman-who-rocks-the-east-coast-and-reads-the-new-yorker-and-is-involved-in-politics-and-writes-novels-and-poetry die.

And dreams like that die hard.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Club

Day Club

There once was a group of college graduates.

They didn't have jobs.

They were finished with their degrees.

They were waiting for the fall to bring work, school, and engagements...

so they played during the day. they swam, ate, talked, hiked, golfed, ate, and watched movies.

They called themselves the day club.

This is a petition for day club to return. (Which may be difficult because most are engaged, moved away, or got jobs).

Come this summer I'll be back in SLC without an engagement, job, and though I will be doing "school" I am looking for new members of day club.

Long Live The Day Club (even if i'm the only member)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I walked through the door on Friday afternoon I decided to turn on the tv for some background noise. I was busy and the house was quiet.

Anyway, somehow I ended up actually watching CSPAN (which btw makes me look like a 60 year old retiree with cats and few friends) and was captivated by a summit in Colorado by a man in parliament lamenting on why Americans need to avoid the European system of government. Blame it on his accent, or on my eternal curiosity of politics, but I was captivated for the next 45 mins. Eventually my roommate Annie came and started watching it with me. Relieving me of feeling like a complete loser.

By mere happenstance, someone posted an article by this same man and you can read it here.

Though the article doesn't have the accent, it is still worth your time. I want to buy his book.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am taking a farm literature class and for the first time in my life I really am obsessed with farms and the fact that our food comes from the ground, not grocery stores.

I think I may be hoping on the organic/local farmers train. Some of the things I have been learning about are wild. If you want to see an animated video about it you can click here.

Anyway-my friend Michelle is a part of our generation who are making an exodus back to the farm and lovn' it.
She made me homemade salsa. It was amazing. Someday I am going to can my own salsa...and learn how to fly fish.
She also has a baby lamb, which she had to corner and catch for this picture. It was hilarious.

It was such a fun thing to see her on the farm and to see the baby animals. Love them. Love her.

**Don't worry-the pictures and her story are being used in my final project. Hopefully my teacher thinks it is as cool as I do.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Oregon-where they pump your gas, don't have sales tax, wear North Face and Chaco's, love to recycle and enjoy the nice green environment.

My long time friend Whitney got married, bought a new car, got two new dogs, and moved to Oregon with her husband. Naturally, Mandi and I (the traveling duo) helped her drive out to her new life.
On our 13 hour trip we stopped at the garden of Eden gas station--and it was here that I knew the trip was going to be...well....a trip. See gigantic snake above me.
The largest bookstore in the world is an entire city block and is located in Portland, Oregon. The store is named Powells, and I love it, and it's HUGE!
It literally is a city of books. I bought a used collection of poetry with tons of four leaf clovers in the pages, and I bought the short story A River Runs Through It. The story is amazing! You all should read it. 100 pages of poetic prose. Also notice that I got caught in the rain and so my hair turned curly.
We went and saw a gorgeous waterfall.
And this is my traveling companion, setting a very high standard of fashion and style for a road trip.

It was a joy and pleasure to see Whit's new life, hang out with her very cool husband, and eat out for every meal. And it was fun to road trip through the west coast with Mandi. Basically Mandi and I need to road trip through the south and we will have been all around America. I wonder if there is a way we could swing that.....