Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome October

Happy Fall

First Leaf

by Lia Purpura October 5, 2009

That yellow

was a falling off,

a fall

for once I saw


it could

in its stillness

still be turned from,

it was not

yet ferocious,

its hold drew me,

was a shiny switchplate

in the otherwise dark,

rash, ongoing green,

a green so hungry

for light and air that

part gave up,

went alone,

chose to leave,

and by choosing


got seen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

long time, no blog

Welcome to the CANDY SHOPPE. The snapshot is of some of my best friends and I in front of the house that we live in, properly named the candy shoppe. Already this year has been a blast. The people in the picture (from left to right) are me, Mandi, Mary, Kellee, Reb, and Kylie. I love the house, partly because it is so nice but mostly because I get to go home to some of my favorite people every day. Notice the porch, yesterday my friends and I enjoyed a chilled dr. pepper and talked--absolute bliss for me.

My senior year of college is going to be filled with a lot of school, but this time it's fun school. Tomorrow I go to mt. view high school to start working with the teacher who I will be doing my student teaching with in January. It's amazing that they are going to trust me to teach students how to write and enjoy english. Cross your fingers that it goes well. The rest of my time is trying to figure out poetry and transcendalist authors.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am excited for the new year and appreaciative of all the blessings that I recieve and remember girls 09 is our year!

Ps: Below are some random pictures that were taken the same day. I'm sure you're curious who the amazing photographer is....and it should come to no surprise that it was Kylie. She is so talented.

Kel and I

MJ, Mandi and I swinging on our neighbors swing. We wish it was on our porch but for now we'll take the chairs and dp.