Tuesday, April 29, 2008

day 1 in london

Eric and i arrived here safely and considering how far away from home i am, it seemed pretty easy. We were traveling for about 13 hours but it was fun to have a friend, and to do it on our own. I'm so tired! I haven't slept in 35 hours...i have no idea how I'm awake. We were able to convert our money very easily ...it was painful considering i gave her 100 dollars and received 42 pounds back...ouch. The tube is fantastic! It is so easy to use-i love it. We saw a fox on our way here....fox's are sweet. I wish we had them at home. Also, we went to Christ's church today and the climax...past orme square! I'll be sending pictures soon. Love you tons!

two interesting things to note: Drivers don't care when you're walking across the street....and brit's will give you weird looks if you have two suitcases on the tube and look lost....personal experience.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The beginning of my blogging career

When blogging first began, I immediately saw it as electronic scrap booking-an endeavor I quickly refused to become a part of. Eventually, I made allowances for bloggers if they posted cute pictures of children that I wanted to see (limited to my niece and nephew) and with that allowance, the floodgates of the blogging world opened. I have become an avid blog “surfer” discovering new things about lost friends, and seeing picture of unknown people. Thus becomes my new addiction….blogging.