Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok, so maybe my trip wasn't un-belize-able like all of my friends who went to Belize last week, but why would you want to go to an exotic land in South America when you could enjoy the finest Idaho has to offer.

Sure my friends got sun, sea food, and probably cool souvenirs, but I got to go to LAVA HOT SPRINGS.

Though not located in South America, this Idaho gem has various hot tube like arenas that serve the general public by exploiting the natural hot springs in Idaho. P-A-R-T-Y!

When we decided to go I went to my friends apt and we rushed to get into the car. Once seated, Mike started talking about how I was really lucky to be going to the hot springs with 5 guys. Yes, I really think it's my luck to get into a swimsuit with a bunch of guys in the middle of January. Dream.come.true. Then, Mike said the most classic line I've heard in a long time. He told me it was like I was on elimidate.

If you haven't seen this show you need to. Like really, it's a pop culture gem. Basically it was the neophyte stage of reality tv and there would be one trashy girl with a bunch of guys and she would slowly eliminate them based on important things like level of tan, color of hair, quality of tattoo, and number of earings. The goal, of course, being a committed one night stand.

And so we drove the hour and a half it takes to get there with me thinking about what it would be like to be on elimidate.

The hot springs themselves It was really nice to be in 10 degree weather though and not freezing. In all honesty, Lava Hot Springs was pretty fun. But, like Mark said, it would be better if there was a big screen with ESPN on. I corrected him saying he meant the bachelor, but it was the same idea.

After we went to dinner and then traveled home to lovely L-town.

It really was fun, and though I was sad I couldn't go to Belize because of school/work/life I am glad my friends had such a good time and I hope that this post about Lava Hot Springs doesn't make them too jealous. But I could see how it could....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To The Woman of the Hour

To The Woman of the Hour-

Children sense her goodness, and gravitate to her as if she is their advocate in all things concerning “the bigger humans.”

The family looks to her for updates and, more importantly,

Faith in ourselves and in our future.

My brother said it best when he said, “she is (honestly) the best person I know” and that truth is echoed by everyone who meets her.

She defines sweet and kind.

She cries when I cry.

She truly lives a service centered life.

She talks me out of cutting my hair super short, and

she reminds me to pray.

To the woman of the hour, the woman I look up to and who I find in my mimicry of I become a better person,

May this day be the happiest of birthdays Mom.

I love you!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Should Be Like Orange Juice

The best and worst of 2010 and the goals for the year 2011.


1. When there weren’t any animals at the Washington DC zoo.

2. Getting a less than exciting score on the GRE.

3. The toxic game of dating.

4. Moving to a new apartment in a new city without any friends or family and without water or power.

5. 4 colds in the 6 beginning weeks of the semester.


1. Getting straight bangs.

2. Traveling across the United States.

3. Graduating from BYU and an incredible opportunity for school at USU.

5. Meeting great people in Logan and keeping the many friends from Provo and seeing my family often.

6. Watching the West Wing.

2010 wasn’t my favorite year. Mostly it was a year of change, growing up, and many of my friends getting married. And so I say a belated goodbye and farewell.

The biggest thing that 2010 gave to me was perspective. I am realizing more and more that happiness comes from experiencing the variety in life, in culture, and in people.

It is really easy for me to care about my image, and to remove myself from myself in books, but my connection with the image of myself and of others is fading. For example, dating really smart people is usually a drag. Talking about politics is polarizing and often annoying. Wearing blazers to work makes my personality feel tight-as if the constraining suit can affect my personality.

And so instead I think life should be more like orange juice.

It should be brighter, and fresher. And the pulp, or the mess-ups in life, actually add to the flavor (which is why I never buy pulp free anything..).

And so, for 2011 my main goal is to celebrate and embrace the differences of all, a goal which will hopefully seep into my personality. The city people are cool, as are the farmers. The older established boys are interesting, but so are those still trying to figure out what to do with their lives. The classical books are great but my 1010 students work is often more funny. The news is insightful, but so is the get the point.

Goals for the year of our Lord 2011:

1. Learn how to decorate really professional looking cakes.

2. Learn how to paint and sketch.

3. Write a thesis and receive my masters.

4. Go to Boston/Louisiana/Minnesota.

5. Only date boys who I want to hold hands with in public.

It's like smoking a pack of cigs..

Logan's air quality is the worst in the nation and I haven't seen the sun in days....

You can read more about it here.

Wish I Was There

Look who made it on to the front page of the newspaper with Condi...

Apparently my dad gets to grab lunch with her (and many others) too.

I'm jealous that I couldn't go.

I kind of wish it was Jed Bartlet

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Lovells Them

I couldn't have said it better.

Check out my BFF's post.

Cheers to the greatest of friends.