Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Dentist

Welcome to finals, and yes I do have three finals tomorrow but instead am choosing to blog. On Thursday night I was entering a deep, philosophical conversation with k. when I realized that there was something hard in my mouth. I thought it was weird considering I wasn’t eating so I proceeded to remove a bit of tooth….apparently my right front tooth chipped. Isn’t that weird? How you ask? Well, I was defending a poor, helpless BYU student and a crazed boy hit me in the face. Just kidding, I have no idea how it happened.

So what do I do? I call the dentist and silly me I should have known dentists don’t work on Friday. Why would they? Clearly people don’t have dental emergencies on Friday, nor do they want to get their teeth cleaned on a Friday. Didn’t you get the memo that the world basically shuts down on Fridays. That’s the most logical explanation I can figure.

Right now you’re probably thinking they have the life right? No work on Fridays, a great paying job….but, apparently dentists' odds of suicide "are 6.64 times greater than the rest of the working age population," writes researcher Steven Stack. My next logical question is why if you get to have a three day weekend is the suicide rate higher. Clearly they need to talk to me and I can help them understand what important and thrilling things they can be doing on their extra-day of the weekend that everyone covets.

Anyway, I have to go in next week to get my tooth looked at, assuming I can get in. They're saying something about shaving the bottom of my tooth....not going to happen. I will not have shorter front teeth-it is not an option. They will have to figure something else out. And to all the many dentists reading my blog, I would appreciate a Friday appointment when I have a chip on my front tooth.

**also, I’m aware of the monotony in dentistry which claims to be the reason for the increase in suicides….so we should spice it up with some Sasha Fierce on the radio

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Turning of pages,
Trying to leave the thoughts of today
Gasping and leaning while
Physically urging and proving the intent of
Attempting to enter the world of thoughts
Of a different life, different world, different person
Turning of pages.

*this poem is ideally supposed to make you feel rushed like you're trying to finish a probably does not do that if i have to say it; ideally it should do it with out being explained. oh well.

ho ho ho there's no snow

Welcome to December 5th

Think about what the words December 5th mean. My perfect image of an ideal December 5th is a crisp layer of snow covering the imperfections of Provo’s desert, with a feel of an approaching holiday, a season full of good smells, warm clothes, great conversations and good books. This picture is horribly inaccurate to what is currently happening in Provo. Somehow, and in someway, global warming came immediately and we have no snow and consequently little Christmas cheer. It’s an uncomfortable feel; the lack of consistency and continuity expected in a reliable weather pattern. I feel an internal anxiety that something is not right. I am not saying that the lack of snow is a sign of the worlds end, the lack of snow creates a tight, uncomfortable sense of anxiety within me.

Clearly I’m to attached to winter in an odd way, but I will wait and in the mean time I’ll listen to Sarah Mclachlan’s “Wintersong” or "Songs for a Winters Night."

I hope the blogging world will accept me back

And so it begins…

After a long break from the blogging world I have decided to return. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple enough. Peer pressure. I have been reading people’s blogs, and in return people have gotten mad that I don’t blog anymore. I’m scawed of them so I will blog. Without further ado, and back by popular demand I have chosen to re-enlist myself in the blogging world.

Side note: Blogs are interesting little things because it’s sometimes the Mormon way of saying “look, I’m crafty..i have a blog”. This is not me. I am not crafty and I am not looking for things to try to re-invent my artistic self (I lack an ‘artistic self’...hence the reason i stole my background from a free internet site).