Friday, June 3, 2011


Did you know that I moved to SLC, or that I got a new job for the fall, or that i'm working on my thesis right now? Anyway, those things are unimportant compared to this picture. I was at my house this weekend and a friend brought over a box and when she opened it out jumped this cat. It was fantastic!

Here is why this picture makes me happy:

I am holding an animal (which looks like it has super powers)
The animal is named Riggs from Friday Night Lights--a show i'm head over heels for.
The picture was taken by one of my favorite people who was visiting over the weekend.


paige crosland anderson said...

I WANT TO SEE YOU. i'll bring my animal (she may be a baby human, but humans are animals) over in a box if it will seal the deal...

Britt Linde said...


Maren said...

Grant and I have a little saying when we're indecisive. It's called WWRD?? What would Riggins do? It solves all problems. try it.

ps you looks beautiful!

Ben Roush said...

I love that Tim Riggins is now in feline form. I wish I was the person visiting you for the weekend. I miss you. I'm glad you have a cat. It will help your persona as an English Teacher at Timpview this fall :)

thegreatestshowonearth said...

Show me another cat in a box!

Come to SF. No Regrets!